Friday, December 17, 2010

the transition

i have decided to start this blog to keep track of my running, seeing as i am useless at keeping a training diary(which i know would be very handy when im wondering why i have injured myself again). I also want to document my training for the Lakeland 100, a 103.9mile off road race in the lake district in cumbria, which is on in july next year. this will be by far the longest race i have done (by 60 odd miles)the second reason for the blog is to document my efforts to transition from normal cushioned runners and orthotics to barefoot and minimalist footwear. i will post my thoughts on this later but so far i have been sans orthotics since about a week or 2 after this years dublin marathon and in the last month i have been using vibram 5 fingers for the first 1 to 3 miles of my runs and then throwing on the very light and flat inov 8 f-lite 230s for the remainder. . i have to say it feels so much better to run with little or nothing on my feet. obviously it will take time to get the pace and distance up but thats a sacrifice im willing to make. i have also started to whip the vibrams off and do a little bit completely barefoot to toughen the skin on my feet and as much as possible i have been walking around the house in bare feet. a few different people's blogs i have read have convinced me further that this is the way to go ie. anton krupicka, terry conway (who incidently came 4th in the lakeland 100 this year, having only 12 months previously stopped wearing orthotics and cushioned runners) michael sandler, jason robillard etc etc.
anyway from now on i hope to post regularly the stats and details of my progress for what its worth and hopefully some of you will find it even remotely interesting
until next time, happy running

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