Monday, December 20, 2010

weekly summary mon 13th to sun 19th december

Mon 13th - rest day
Tues 14th - am 8miles (3 in vibrams, remainder in forest), pm cycle to work
Wed 15th - pm cycle home from work followed by 8 miles(same as yesterday)
Thurs 16th - rest
Fri 17th - 7 miles(3 in vibrams) remainder in forest
Sat 18th - am 11.3 miles (3.5 in vibrams), pm walk 1hr 30mins
Sun 19th - am 10.5 miles(4 in vibrams)
Total - 44.8miles
this week i upped the mileage a little to see how the legs would react to the vibram running. i thought my calves would be more sore than they are but i think by concentrating on keeping it slow and light, my technique is improving. like most advocates of barefoot running say, its pretty hard not to run properly. i probably did a little too much on sunday but i bumped in to one of the lads on his mountain bike in the forest as i was finishing so i tacked on another lap with him. my heel was a little sore by the finish as a result. what is it about running that allows you to convince yourself to keep going even when you know you probably shouldn't. anyway today i chanced a short run to and from the gym( about 6 miles in total) and on the way home my left foot started to feel a little funny so a day off tomorrow is definately called for. just hope its not serious and it will disappear again like most of the niggles i have been getting with all the recent barefoot experimenting

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