Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wicklow Way Attempt

I am in the middle of writing a report on how things went last Saturday but in the meantime I just thought I would update the blog and say that the day went well and I managed to break the old record of 13.46.01 by 7 minutes in a time of 13.38.51. I had great help along the way from my mini crew of Rob and Jeff who were joined along the way by my parents and girlfriend and also fellow IMRA runner Caroline and a heavily pregnant Jo and her brother. I owe them all a big thanks for doing everything they possibly could to keep me running along to the end. I'll post again soon once I finish the report but in the meantime I need to recover. I've gone for a run the last 3 days and feel pretty ok but I just need to mind a few niggles I still have in the legs. With Carrauntoohill on the horizon I'm already looking forward to getting stuck in again

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