Friday, June 10, 2011

Malcolm McLoughlin Running Mizen to Malin

On the 3rd of July next, Malcolm McLoughlin will attempt to run from Mizen, the southernmost part of Ireland, to Malin at the other end all in the name of Autism. Pearl, Malcolm's daughter suffers from Autism and this is one of the ways Malcolm aims to raise awareness and funds to help sufferers of autism and their families. This is a journey of more than 580kms over 6 days passing through many towns and villages along the way so there is an opportunity for people to get out and join Malcolm and run some of the route with him. He will need all the help he can get on this epic journey and would certainly appreciate the company.
Details of his run can be seen on his website The site also documents his family's journey so far and really gives an insight in to what this cause means to him. No doubt with this kind of motivation behind him, he will achieve this amazing feat of endurance.
Hopefully I will be able to join Malcolm for a few miles as he makes his way through County Cork in the initial days of the run

Good luck Malcolm!!

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  1. Thanks so much Paul, you have proved to be a great source of motivation for me with your attitude both on and off the road. Looking forward to meeting you on the roads of Cork :)